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Our com­pa­ny GHy­GA is spe­cialised in decar­bon­at­ed and renew­able energies

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Our solutions

GHyGA EMR solutions

GHy­GA devel­ops and pre-opti­mis­es inno­v­a­tive Green Hydro­gen (gH2) and Green Ammo­nia (gNH3) pro­duc­tion chains. The kinet­ic ener­gies of wind and ocean cur­rents are the sources of emis­sion-free Renew­able Marine Ener­gy for a new low-car­bon indus­try, allow­ing to reduce the use of fos­sil fuels.

Green energy

Green Hydro­gen (gH2) and Green Ammo­nia (gNH3) are the ener­gies of tomor­row for a new low car­bon industry.

Innovative projects

GHy­GA’s 2W2H2® and 2W2NH3® projects pro­pose major inno­va­tions to enable the ener­gy transition.


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