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2W2H2 project®

(Wind & Water to Hydrogen)

Project under devel­op­ment with the objec­tive of indus­tri­al­is­ing the pro­duc­tion and stor­age of Green Hydrogen.

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Green Hydrogen Production Platform
2W2H2 project® (Wind & Water to Hydrogen)

An innovative project that contributes to a low-carbon economy

Marine ener­gies are renew­able and inex­haustible sources, among which wind and marine cur­rents are the best known and the most “con­trol­lable” (swell and waves are also wor­thy of interest).

Based on these green ener­gy sources, GHy­GA has devised the 2W2H2 project®, which con­tributes to the decar­bonised econ­o­my by pro­duc­ing green H2 off­shore using elec­trol­y­sers pow­ered local­ly and autonomous­ly by sub­sur­face water tur­bines and a wind tur­bine, installed on an “upcy­cled” Oil&Gas plat­form of the “Jack Up” type (ren­o­vat­ed and adapted).

The H2 is stored in a gaseous form (com­pres­sion @500 bars in con­tain­ers, type MC500) and/or in a liq­uid form (hydro­gena­tion of a LOHC — Liq­uid Organ­ic Hydro­gen Car­ri­er — in a tank). Trans­port to the main­land is ensured by ships which them­selves run on H2 (elec­tric or ther­mal), which can also refu­el at the plat­for­m’s Dis­tri­b­u­tion Station.

Around these ener­gy sources, GHy­GA pro­pos­es its projects and thus pur­sues the devel­op­ment of the fol­low­ing par­a­digms, which con­tribute to the decar­bonised economy:

“Upcycling of an existing offshore ex Oil & Gas platform

The upgrad­ing of an exist­ing off­shore plat­form by “inno­v­a­tive upcy­cling” will pro­vide a new life of addi­tion­al 25 years.

Combination of energy sources

Wind and ocean cur­rents pro­vide par­al­lel pow­er gen­er­a­tion and smooth out known inter­mit­ten­cies.

Energy independence

The autonomous pro­duc­tion of elec­tri­cal ener­gy makes the project inde­pen­dent of the ter­res­tri­al elec­tric­i­ty grid and its asso­ci­at­ed costs.

Concentration of resources

The assem­bly of all the nec­es­sary equip­ment on the plat­form for the pro­duc­tion, stor­age and deliv­ery of Green Hydro­gen increas­es the con­trol, effi­cien­cy and safe­ty of the oper­a­tional process.

Energy storage

The gH2 is stored in liq­uid (LOHC tech­nol­o­gy) or gaseous (high pres­sure) form and can be trans­port­ed in this way by rotat­ing ships pow­ered by H2 engines or by pipeline, eventually.


The con­cen­tra­tion of the sys­tem on one plat­form and its off­shore posi­tion­ing reduces many envi­ron­men­tal prob­lems and makes it eas­i­er to obtain per­mits for con­struc­tion and occu­pa­tion of marine sites.

Hydrogen production platform 2W2H2® (Wind & Water to Hydrogen)

The platform includes the following components and processes:

  • A ren­o­vat­ed and adapt­ed (“upcy­cled”) jack-up platform.
  • A wind tur­bine with a capac­i­ty of 5 MW.
  • 108 hydro tur­bine* with a capac­i­ty of 7 MW or 24 Archimedean screws** with a capac­i­ty of 6 MW.
  • A sea­wa­ter desali­na­tion unit.
  • Inter­me­di­ate stor­age bat­ter­ies of 3 MWh.
  • Elec­trol­y­sers with a total capac­i­ty of 8 MW (4 units of 2 MW).
  • Hydro­gen stor­age and trans­port units for ~5 tH2 on board.
    - LOHC: 4 units of 1.2 tH2/u.
    - — MC500: 10 units of 0.5 tH2/u @500b.

View of the instal­la­tion of the tidal tur­bines* or Archimedes screws** on div­ing arms (“booms”) fixed on the edges of the “Jack Up” plat­form. These “booms” allow the tur­bines to be sub­merged in the sub­sur­face cur­rents and raised above the plat­form for main­te­nance work.

*Hydro tur­bine

**Archimedean screw

Hydrogen production from the “upcycled” platform

600 tonnes gH2

per year

The 12 MW of green elec­tric­i­ty installed can pro­duce up to 600 tonnes gH2 per year at costs < 6 €/kg H2 in 2030.


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